Solano Community College Foster & Kinship Care Education - Education & Support for Foster, Kinship and Adoptive Families
It's Summer Break!
We'll have 5 classes in July 2016 and be back again with more classes starting in August 2016.

  • Get your class attendance verification ONLINE!  Simply click on "Evaluation" (on the left side of this page).  Complete the evaluation form for each class you attended and submit.  Once submitted, you will receive a transcript of classes that will verify your attendance and serve as your certificate.  We will do our best to return your request within 3 business days.  However, if you need the verification by a specific deadline please indicate that date in the comments section.
  • Join the Advisory Committee:  Care providers are invited to join our monthly advisory committee to provide ideas/information for upcoming trainings.  Our next meeting will be July 27 , 2016 at 9:30am (CWS). We need more representation of care givers at this meeting to ensure your needs are being met.  Join us!
  • The Solano County Resource Family Association is open to all care providers as your feedback is greatly appreciated.  Next meeting will be announced soon. Please email for more information. 

  • Additional training opportunities are available through ALDEA in February.  Please click on the Training Date to see the Flyer & Registration details.

                 August 8, 2016
  • Want to see your organizations information/activities on our website, please send an email with all the details directly to

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