What is Christmas Village?
Christmas Village is our local community showing their support to foster and kinship families. Each family submits wishes for ALL children living in their home by November 19. Forms are available at www.fosterluv.com and can be turned in at any FKCE trainings. When wishes are filled, you will be contacted to pick up. The gifts are truly “Santa” gifts to your family. The children need not know about the request or delivery. This is the communities way of supporting your family and saying THANK YOU for all you do.
If you'd like to donate, please see the Paypal donation tab at the bottom of this page!


  • CHRISTMAS VILLAGE: Registration forms are available by clickinghere.   Turn them in at class.  Please register to attend a class, complete the form and submit it to the instructor.  Know what your kids sizes & wishes are for this holiday season!

  • Kinship Childare: On the 3rd Wednesday of each month, Seneca Kinship Navigator graciously provides childcare for our Kinship meetings.  Effective 8/1/2015-the space is limited to 12 children ages 1 and over.  You MUST register for this class in order to attend.  Infants (0-11 months) are always welcome at class.

  • Join the Advisory Committee:  Care providers are invited to join our monthly advisory committee to provide ideas/information for upcoming trainings.  Our next meeting will be January 27, 2016 at 9:30am (CWS). We need more representation of care givers at this meeting to ensure your needs are being met.  Join us!
  • The Solano County Resource Family Association is open to all care providers as your feedback is greatly appreciated.  Next meeting is  Tuesday, December 1st at 9am.  Please email tyffanywanberg@gmail.com for more information. 

  • Adoption Support Winter Newsletter (Aispiranet), click here

  • Kinship Navigator July Newsletter (Seneca), click here

  • Want to see your organizations information/activities on our website, please send an email with all the details directly to Dottie@fosterluv.com

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2015 Christmas Village & Festival of Trees donations can be made anytime using the link below. 
Donations ARE tax-deductible