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Thank you to our Community Santas for supporting our families/children this year.  It was a record breaking year, 537 children served!

Here are a few words from our families about how you made a difference in their lives this holiday season.

I don’t have words to share but the joy and excitement on my seven-year old autistic son’s face were priceless. It really is more than words can express. Thank you



If it wasn’t for CHRISTMAS VILLAGE 2020! The children would not have had such huge smiles on their faces they all were so very happy and grateful. I cried because my heart was full watching them smile laugh and enjoy Christmas Day. Thank you to everyone involved in making this day so special. HAPPY NEW YEAR!



The Christmas Village supported my grandchildren and they were so pleased, happy and shouted with joy when they got their gifts especially when they saw the Tobi Watch. The 5 year-old cried and said “now I have my own Tobi Watch and I don’t have to beg when I see it on TV.” The oldest was also happy to get new clothes. 

I thank you dearly and my boys were happy and still are can’t stop being on their toys, and activity books Thank you. 



All the kids love their gifts and thank you so much, my daughter really loves her tablet and her flower cover along with all the other gifts. They are truly blessed to have such loving and caring others through Christmas Village, I love all the support you have for us! God bless and happy holidays to you all.



Thank you!

In my life I have always been the donor the one who helped and supported many children and their families. It has always been a deep joy for me, knowing how important it was to make everyone happy. I could never imagine that, one day I would be a Foster Parent with 5 beautiful kids in need. I am so very deeply grateful with all my heart thankful for all the wonderful gifts. The kids were so happy & overjoyed.  Without your program this wouldn't have been possible. You certainly did bring great joy under our Christmas Tree, My heart if full of joy. Thank You so much for allowing me to grow.. The meaning giving has changed my life. I thank you with all my heart. The items each kid received was just perfect. Very nice items. I was able to use each item. Clothing, toys, baby items, my life will never be the same  THANK YOU


We are so grateful for the Christmas Village program, for all their volunteers! 

Christmas morning at our home was filled with smiles and happy hearts. Is not easy to provide Christmas wishes for 6 kids and the help you gave us was such an important part of the magic of Christmas.  Each child got exactly what they wished for and even a little extra!  I’m super grateful for the extra step of wrapping the presents! Many blessings for all the people who made Santa's sleigh visit our home on time!! 

Thank you so much!!! 


I would like to thank each and everyone that has participated and made this a wonderful, excellent Christmas for my family. You bought us a lot of happiness joy and love and togetherness we couldn't do it without you and God, Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.  Love you.



To begin with, we are so grateful to have been one of the families receiving gifts from Santa.  We especially want to say how there was specific attention made to every gift chosen.  All three of the children felt special that Santa had taken the time to grant their wishes and paid so much attention to both the wants and needs. Christmas Village allowed me and my family to celebrate the holiday in the very safest manner possible.


Hi Santa's angels, that how we describe the wonderful people who out of the goodness of their hearts made Christmas very special for some very special kids. We cant say how much we appreciate your kindness and what a difference it made to 3 members in our house hold. I actually cried when reading the kind words one Santa wrote on a gift card, my 13 year old girl who nurses a hurt heart read these words (To a very special and courage's girl ) a million dollars could not have been a better gift than those heart felt words. After telling her that complete strangers care and are praying for her and her brother, she looked into my eyes and said, that it so special and smiled. Two more very similar notes where on the other two gift cards and the same reaction from both who received. Thanks  thanks Thanks. And also a big thanks to the special people who helped make all of this possible, you too are very special, efforts pulling this off is time consuming and my guess is that you all are very busy to start with, especially this time of the year, so god bless you too. Again cant thank you enough. It keeps our faith in human kindness alive and well, and with things being like they are right now in the world we all sure need hope and that's all what you all bought to our family. Thanks again and god bless.



Christmas Village was a huge blessing to my family this year because me, my wife and our five kids had COVID-19. We were quarantined in the house and could not do any Christmas Shopping for our kids. The village having the gifts delivered to us was an awesome help as well. Thank you so much. 



My daughter was so excited to see presents under the tree. Since I was infected with the virus on 12/7 I was under quarantine and unable to do any shopping or leave the house. She loved the gifts that she received and I was so thankful that your organization was able to drop them off at my house due to my condition. It’s nice to know that there are people in the world that still care. 


We just want to say thank you to all who contribute to the happiness of our two children eight months and a 14 year-old. The baby sits on his Bentley and honks the horn it is so cute.  The 14 year-old is so happy to get all the make-up brushes, shoes, gloves and all the other nice extras goodies she was especially happy to receive raiders necklace thank you so much!

I wanted to thank everyone for helping to make our special Christmas even better.  Our child loved her gifts from “Santa” and hardly comes out of her room. LOL. Thank you to those who take the time and effort to make someone’s journey a little easier.

God bless.

Thanks to all the  you bring smiles to kids and the adults. Happy Holidays and blessed 2021.

On behalf of the residents of our two Short Term Residential Therapeutic Programs in Vallejo and Fairfield, thank you so much for the Christmas Village.  Our boys loved their gifts and the Village experience.  Christmas is an especially difficult time for foster youth and community efforts such as this mean a lot.  We appreciate and profusely thank anyone and everyone involved in this effort ... it was a great success.



A great big thank you to Santa’s Village oh my goodness in spite of everything that’s going on around us I have to say this was the best Christmas ever to see my babies faces opening their gifts filled our hearts with joy I can’t even explain tears of joy My children got everything they requested and more Thank you ! Thank you so much ️


Hello I would like to express my thanks to the Christmas Village, Community Santa for all of the hard work you all do, to make Christmas special to all the kids.  And to let you all know how much of a financial Blessing your special gifts are to the families.  So here is a great big hug and Thank you to you all !!!! ♥️



We wanted to say thank you for the gifts for all the kids.  What a great program you run.  They were really appreciated so much.   What a blessing to receive such a generous donation.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and May God bless you.

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